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Judgement on Administrative Record- 6th Cir.

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  • Judgement on Administrative Record- 6th Cir.

    In a relatively straightforward case from the 6th Circuit, the Plaintiff appealed the Defendant's decision to terminate her benefits. For much of the process in the beginning, the Plaintiff alleged a physical disability, while her appeal only referenced psychiatric disabilities as the court notes:

    But Castor’s appeal shifted her focus: while she had previously alleged physical disability, her appeal complained only of psychiatric disability caused by anxiety and depression. AT&T argues that Castor thereby abandoned her claim of physical disability, and so Dr. Conrad’s second evaluation of that claim could not matter. We need not decide whether this change of focus constituted abandonment of the physical-disability claim on appeal, because even if the physical disability remained at issue, Sedgwick complied with § 2560.503-1(h)(3).
    The plaintiff then argued that the Defendant failed to consider her actual job duties, and disagreed with the basic summary that outlined the requirements of her employment position. The court, however, was not convinced and ultimately found for the defendant. While not exactly a page turner, the full opinion is attached below.
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